Shared Ownership Resources was launched in 2021 by Sue Phillips (FCCA). She has personal experience of shared ownership having purchased her first 50% share in a flat in 1999, staircased to 100% in 2013, and extended her lease in 2020.

Information on the shared ownership scheme is often over-simplified, downplaying potential risks, pitfalls and long-term costs. Ongoing reforms further complicate the picture. Sue believes that homebuyers and shared owners deserve honest, impartial information and advice on shared ownership in order to make good decisions.

Shared Ownership Resources offers information and advice on shared ownership from a range of different perspectives including: shared owners themselves, campaigners, researchers, legal experts, valuers, finance professionals and housing professionals.

Shared ownership can work for some people, some of the time. But Shared Ownership Resources doesn’t shy away from identifying and exploring risks and downsides of the tenure, offering scrutiny and crucial business insights. Hopefully, constructive debate will help drive change where it is needed.

Contact: info@sharedownershipresources.org

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