My SO Home: No. 14

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My fiancée and I moved here 7 years ago. We never would have been able to afford our own home without the shared ownership scheme. We were absolutely thrilled when we made our final payment and took full ownership of our flat in June 2020.

Towards the end of 2020 we decided that we wanted to start a family and that this 1-bed flat wasn’t the best place to do it. We had spent years working hard and paying the mortgage every month; so we had enough equity built up to move into a house and start the next stage of our lives together.
We had found the perfect house, and had begun the process of taking ownership when we were told completely out of the blue that our flat was so unsafe that it was essentially worthless. We wouldn’t be able to sell it until the problems were fixed, which would be years away. And we faced losing all of the money we had saved up in the process because the builders refuse to pay for their negligence and the government won’t help either.
We might never be able to afford a home to start a family in now, and bankruptcy is a genuinely likely outcome for us. This is a terrifying, devastating, life-changing scandal.

Published in collaboration with Humans of the Cladding of many human stories behind the cladding scandal collated by Humans of the Cladding Scandal on Instagram.

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